Global Network and Logistic Solution Company

NetTelics is an elite team of communication specialists established in 1995 with extensive experience
in installing and maintaining Satcomm systems and providing logistical support to clients with objectives
in austere environments. We deliver high end technical human resources. Our clients
have included the MOD, NATO and many corporations and governments.

There are three basic reasons why NetTelics is the right choice for clients who require high end technical
human resources for global communication system installation and maintenance plus logistical support
in hostile or Austere environments,

1. NetTelics provides long experience and expertise of operating in austere environments with completely relevant experienced technicians.

2. NetTelics understands the changing need of projects and plan staff proactively. This means that when a client requests new staff, we have them ready to deploy with very short notice.

3. NetTelics recruits using a unique selection process (over 95% of our team are ex-military with long experience in hostile environment). NetTelics takes personnel welfare and safety of its employees very seriously ensuring
that they are properly trained and undergo regular development for the roles and environment that our Clients operate in.  This duty of care enable us to have excellent commitment from our staff resulting in a low churn rate.

NetTelics has a 22 year pedigree of understanding and operating in conflict zones.

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