Telecoms Services

Global Network Deployment Specialists and Worldwide Logistics Solutions. NetTelics provides a broad spectrum of global deployment services for clients with communications and logistical requirements in austere and hostile environments.


Satcom Installation & Commissioning

Every new situation has its own unique challenges. NetTelics Satellite system design engineers will completely optimise the design and implementation of your new system requirements. From network architecture, installation & commissioning and operation and maintenance, we provide a complete, bespoke, end to end solution anywhere in the world.

Radio Tower Design / Rigging Installation

NetTelics applies its comprehensive expertise from the earliest stages of system design, through to implementation and commissioning. We are a leading provider and integrator of Radio Communications and Infrastructure products designed to meet specific corporate requirements. Our skilled technicians can provide a complete site or network solution; from survey, geo-technics, propagation studies, to operation room control, power supply, cabling, LOS path profile surveys, site audits and compliance.

Network Design

NetTelics provides qualified, experienced and professional staff to assist in the planning, design and implementation of your network design technology needs. Network engineering design is an iterative process, involving topological design, network-synthesis, and network realisation. NetTelics network engineering design ensures that any new telecommunications network/service meets the complete needs of the operator. The process can be tailored according to each new network, project or service requirement.

Fibre Optic Cable Installation, Splicing & Termination Services

With over 22 years-experience as trusted providers and installers of fibre optic cables, copper cables and network hardware, you can be assured we know our business. NetTelics Deployment Teams will assess your environment and understand your needs to ensure that we recommend the best solution. Our experienced fibre optic installation teams will perform an in-depth analysis of your requirements, ensuring your network is fully operational and ready for the demands of tomorrow.

Auxiliary Support Services

NetTelics Auxiliary support services provide bespoke installation, operation and maintenance of all auxiliary equipment required to support remote deployed networks in austere environments. This includes Power Generation, UPS Systems, HVAC, Electrical Certifications, Health & Safety protocols, Ground works, Facilities Management & Security.

Logistics Supply Chain Management

NetTelics personnel are very experienced in the logistical challenges of rapid deployment and corporate project implementation in austere and remote environments. Our ex-military staff have vast experience in supply chain management to meet client expectations. From planning control and implementation of the effective movement and secure storage of goods and services from origin to destination. Our logistics management process begins with raw material accumulation to the final stage of delivering goods into the most challenging of environments.

Technical Bid Development Services

NetTelics have supported many companies and organisations in preparing, planning and implementing technical bids for commercial, industrial and governmental presentation formats. Our experience & professional approach will deliver a highly competitive bid and presentation strategy. NetTelics team of professional technical consultants will deliver a fully comprehensive analysis and recommendation plan for any organisation, company or industry in need of a strong competitive positioning strategy.

Progressive Training

NetTelics will train any organisation, commercial or governmental personnel in the techniques and approaches involved in effective training of communications infrastructure operatives. NetTelics has a proven track record in successfully delivering effective training programs worldwide. Every project has its unique attributes and requirements. NetTelics will deliver a bespoke training curriculum designed to compliment any organisation, commercial, industrial or governmental communications requirement.

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