Nettelics: Global Network Deployment Specialists and Worldwide Logistics Solutions

NetTelics provides a broad base of global deployment services for clients with communications and logistical requirements in austere and hostile environments.


Below is a list of actual contract work carried out to date by our company.

Radio and Satellite
NetTelics specialise in the delivery of
Military/corporate radio and satellite
communications networks solutions.

Network Design
NetTelics provides licensed,certified, experienced, professional staff to assist in the planning, design and implementation of your network design technology needs.
Satellite Design and Management (Installation and O&M)

Every new situation has its own unique challenges. NetTelics Satellite system design experts will completely optimise the design and implimentation of your new system requirements.
Radio Design (all bands) and Management (Installation and O&M)

Radio and satellite communications networks solutions typically encompass an anchoring station together with mobile or transportable terminals. A network management system and customer services is also implimented. NetTelics applies its comprehensive expertise from the earliest stages of systems planning, through to implementation and commissioning to logistical support.
Complete Network Engineering Design Services

Network engineering design is an iterative process, involving topological design, network-synthesis, and network-realization, NetTelics Network engineering design ensures that any new telecommunications network/service meets the complete needs of the operator.The process can be tailored according to each new network or service

ViaSat, Iridium, Comtech, Teledyne, Gilat, THURAYA, CDOT, NEWTEC, etc...

All Communication Protocols
A wide range of MAC protocols for different operating environments with different user requirements are utilised by NetTelics to achieve high channel throughput, low transmission delay, channel stability, protocol scalability, and full channel scalability

Switch and IT / Mobile Operation Rooms
NetTelics has vast experience in the immediate operational requirements new deployments will demand. Our professional personel will establish appropriate switch and IT mobile operation rooms capable of full co-ordination and command operations in the field.

LOS Specialists - Riggers
NetTelics has a highly qualified team of professional and experienced riggers who have been deployed globaly on a wide range of antenna and tower maintenance and erection requirements.


Electrical Certifications
NetTelics personel are highly qualified people. Our staff comprise of fully qualified Telecommunications adminstrators, Electrical contractors, Telecommunication contractors and master electricians.


Technical Project Management

The succesful execution of any major project entirely depends on the quality of the leadership of that project. NetTelics has very carefully chosen the best project managers in its field in order to deliver a completely optimised project management solution

Cable and Fiber

Fiber optic terminations, cable assemblies and installation, NetTelics remains up to date with manufacturer innovations, special processes and changes in technology.

NetTelics has a qualified team of mechanics capable of immediate deployment for any communications equipment installation or maintenence requirement.
Auxiliary Equipment

NetTelics Auxiliary equipment services includes austere environment response with communications transport, mobile porportable satellite units, equipment caches and inter-operability equipment

ACU, Power Generators

Independent sustainable power delivery for remote communications and command centers in any austere environment.

Switches, Servers

NetTelics use the very latest switch and server technologies to achieve a full range of possibilities with client communications requirements
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Bid Support
NetTelics is ready to deliver full support for your bid. We have supported many companies and organisations in demonstrating experience, capability and expert services in commercial, industrial and governmental presentation formats.
Site surveys
NetTelics is ready to deploy anywhere in the world to impliment immediate site surveyance on behalf of any organisation, company or government.
Technical Bid development services
NetTelics have supported many companies and organisations in preparing , planning and implimenting technical bids for commercial, industrial and governmental presentation formats.
Competitive Analysis and Competitive Positioning
NetTelics team of professional technical consultants will deliver a fully comprehensive analysis and recommendation plan for any organisation, company or industry in need of a strong competitive positioning strategy.

Project Management
NetTelics is widely experienced in full project planning and execution. Our team of qualified ex military personel are the very best in their field.
Coordination of Ground civil works
NetTelics can take full operational responsibility in circumstances where civil works are involved in operational logistics.
Building and Commissioning
Our Team of project managers will take full responsibility for the appointment of all required contractors for the implimentaiton of building requirements.
Cabin construction-installation
Our Ex-military personel are fully experienced in the erection of mobile communications infrastructure including cabin erection, cable and fibre installations and hardware installation.
Operation & Maintenance
NetTelics staff will deliver complete maintenance, operational management and support services for remote and austeer communicqtion centers globally.
Logistics, Transport and Warehouse management
NetTelics personel are very experienced in the logistical challenges of rapid deployment and corporate project implimentation in austeer and remote environments. Our ex military staff have successfuly operated in a multitude of operational situations delivering full logistical support.
Our team of ex-military personel are ready to install any communications system in remote and austere environments

Coordination of Regional Centres
NetTelics team of professional coordinators will ensure the smooth communications and operation between regional centres.


NetTelics ex military personell have a wide expertise portfolio and regularly deliver training seminars in the instruction of hardware operation, software usage and up to date communications protocols and communications equipment. NetTelics will deliver training on state of the art commercial and military communications operations.

Technical Training Services for Engineers and Trainers (Train the Trainer)
NetTelics will train any organisation, commercial governmental personel in the techniques and approaches involved in effective training of communications infrastructure operatives. We can deploy globaly for these services.
Developing Training material and training courses
Every project has its unique attributes and requirements. NetTelics will deliver a bespoke training curriculum designed to compliment any organisation, commercial, industrial or governmental communications project requirement.
O&M Management – site/Regional/Full Network
NetTelics will take full responsibility for the ongoing maintenence and running of any communications infrastructure project anywhere
in the world.Our operational and maintenance support includes the following:

IT System Admin   Network Admin   Technical support – First and Second level   Field Technician Services


Safety Training Services
Standard safety protocols training is available from NetTelics professionals on a global deployment basis
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